Testing and calibration of your measuring and test equipment

We offer a comprehensive service for the testing and calibration of your mechanical and electrical measurement and test equipment. This test equipment monitoring is an important element in meeting the certification criteria in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9000 ff.

We test and calibrate pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9000 ff.:
– Gauges
– Display measuring equipment
– Aids
– Material measures
– Measuring equipment for electrical dimensions
– Rotation speed, temperature and pressure measuring devices etc.


The testing and calibration of gauges, measuring equipment and measuring materials are pursuant to the specified test equipment monitoring guidelines VDI / VDE / DGQ 2618, pages 1 – 27 or pursuant to the national, international or agreed regulations as well as manufacturer’s instructions. The traceability to DKD standards is given.


The results of the tests are documented on calibration certificates. The measuring and test equipment will receive an inspection sticker indicating the next test date. The test interval is freely set by you. In general, the calibration interval amounts to 12 months. Depending on the use of the test equipment, it may be necessary to shorten this period.


We offer a complete service for the management of your measuring and test equipment. With respect to the test equipment monitoring required pursuant to the DIN EN ISO 9000 ff, we calibrate your measurement devices, provide you with PC-based management and create a folder for you with all the calibration certificates for the certification according to order criteria agreed upon with you. In addition, we monitor the due dates of your measuring and test equipment.


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