From absolutely standards compliant to customized production: Screws, customized screws and special screws

Screws are the world’s most common and most versatile removable fasteners. Accordingly, many variations and special designs have evolved.

We manufacture screws, customised bolts und special screws in all shapes and head shapes from different materials and special materials. These include alloyed, non-alloyed and stainless steels, nonferrous metals such as aluminium and titanium or high-strength nickel alloys such as Hastelloy.

We create the right screw for each application. Special screws made out of titanium and high-strength aluminium for example, offer low weight and high stability. Safety screws with special heads that can only be opened with customized tools and reliably prevent unwanted tampering.

Facts and figures on our screws

We deliver screws in all types and head shapes with diameters of 5 to 120 mm and in lengths up to 6000 mm.
Head shapes
– Hexagon bolts or else key screws (hex head)
– Square head bolts
– Hexagon socket screws
– Cylinder head screw (cylinder head)
– Countersunk-head-screws (countersunk head)
– Raised countersunk head screws (Raised countersunk head screws (Raised head or else countersunk round head)
– Round head screw (round head)
– Studs
Form element for screwdriver or else wrench
– Outer hex profile
– Head-slotted
– Head-cross-recessed (Phillips and Pozidriv)
– Inner- hexagonal (Inbus)
– Inner-hex round (Torx)
– Inner- triangular
Thread types
– Threads of all pitches
– Metric threads from M2 to M250 and inch threads according to ISO, American and British standards
– Standard and fine thread
– Trapezoidal, round and special threads

Our Know-how is your advantage.

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