Engineering steel

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Drehteile aus Edelstahl 1.4301

Materials science

Material stainless steel

Engineering steel is an alloyed quality steel that meets special requirements. Compared to quality steel, engineering steel has a higher degree of purity and a lower proportion of non-metallic inclusions. Basically, all stainless steels are referred to as stainless steel. These are characterized by a high degree of purity and only have a low phosphorus and sulphur content.

Currency no. Short name Identifier.
1.0501C 35Y
1.0503C 45
1.0601C 60
1.1181Ck 35YK
1.1191Ck 45
1.1221Ck 60
1.541515Mo 3
1.658030CrNiMo 8
1.658234CrNiMo 6
1.713116MnCr 5F
1.721825CrMo 4
1.722034CrMo 4DC
1.722542CrMo 4
1.722850CrMo 4
1.725824CrMo 5G
1.770730CrMoV 9DA
1.770921CrMoV 5 7GA
1.773324CrMoV 5 5H

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