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As a screw manufacturer with a wide range of screws in special materials, we can also produce the right screws for you. Among other things, we specialize in special screws, special screws, screws according to drawings, inch screws, expansion screws, abnormal screws, threaded rods, nuts, washers and much more.

We manufacture screws in all designs and head shapes from various materials and special materials. These include alloyed, unalloyed and corrosion-resistant steel (stainless steel, VA, Inox), non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and titanium or high-strength nickel alloys such as Hastelloy or Inconel.

We create the right screw for every application. Titanium screws or high-strength aluminum screws, for example, offer low weight and high stability. Security screws with special heads can only be opened with adapted tools and reliably prevent unwanted tampering.

Are you in a particular hurry? We maintain an extensive stock of finished parts such as screws, nuts and washers in special materials for immediate delivery!

Customized production

Various titanium screws according to DIN, material: 1.4539, 1.4529 and 1.7225

Facts and figures about our screws

We supply screws in all designs and head shapes with diameters from 5 to 120 mm and in lengths of up to 6,000 mm.

Head shapes

  • Hexagon head screw or wrench screw (hexagon head)
  • Square head screw
  • Hexagon socket screw
  • Cheese head screw (cylinder head)
  • Countersunk screw (countersunk head)
  • Countersunk head screw (countersunk head or countersunk round head)
  • Round-head screw (round head)
  • Stud bolt

Shaped element for screwdriver or wrench

  • External hexagon
  • Head slot
  • Cross recess head (Phillips and Pozidriv)
  • Hexagon socket (Allen key)
  • Hexagon socket (Torx)
  • Inside triangle
  • Inside square
  • Special shapes

Thread types

  • Thread of any pitch
  • Metric threads from M2 to M250 and inch threads according to ISO, American and British standards
  • Standard threads and fine threads
  • Trapezoidal, round and special threads.

Aluminum screws

Aluminum screws are extremely light (around 70 % lighter than steel screws) and yet strong enough for many applications. This is especially true if the screws are made of stronger alloys such as aluminum alloy AL 7075 T6. An anodized coating protects aluminium screws from weathering and corrosion.

The typical tensile strength of aluminum screws is around 540-600 N/mm2, the yield strength is around 420-480 N/mm2. The tightening torques must be strictly adhered to. For critical applications, it is recommended to replace aluminum screws with titanium screws. For example, aluminum screws must not be used to fasten vehicle parts that are relevant to safety. This includes parts such as brakes, steering and other highly stressed components.

Copper screws

Copper screws have a thermal expansion behavior that makes them the fastener of choice for certain applications. They are also used for electrical installations due to their outstanding electrical conductivity.

Kuprodur screws

Kuprodur screws combine high strength and hardness with outstanding corrosion resistance. In addition, Kuprodur screws are good heat conductors and also impress with their high electrical conductivity. We manufacture Kuprodur screws as DIN screws and special screws in all thread shapes and sizes, as well as special screws with customized head shapes.

Titanium screws

Titanium screws combine high strength with low weight. A titanium screw is around 40 % lighter than a steel screw, but achieves a similar strength depending on the titanium alloy. Titanium screws also have very good corrosion resistance.

We manufacture screws made of titanium in any design, with thread and head shape as required, both as DIN screws and as special screws or custom screws according to drawings or samples.

Zirconium screws

Zirconium screws have very good corrosion resistance. They are therefore used in the chemical industry and in medical technology.

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