Gauges, special gauges and thread gauges from the manufacturer

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CNC-Drehteil aus Hastelloy

Against false tolerance

Testing of gauges and special gauges

We manufacture and supply thread gauges and thread plug gauges for testing threads as well as limit plug gauges for checking bores.

Gauges and plug gauges are manufactured according to standard or your individual dimensions and shapes.

Special gauges, snap gauges and setting rings are also part of our product range and effectively support your quality assurance.

Fine gauges

Some lessons

Smooth gauges

  • Plug gauges
  • Scrap plug gauges
  • Plug gauges
  • Gutrachen gauges
  • Scrap gauges
  • Borderline gauges
  • Adjusting rings

Thread gauges

Special gauges

  • for vehicle, aircraft and mechanical engineering

Thread gauges for all thread types

  • Metric threads from M2 to M250
  • Inch thread according to ISO, American and British standards
  • Standard and fine threads
  • Trapezoidal, round and special threads

No slope is too difficult for us!

It is not only thread gauges that wear out over time. Gauges should therefore be checked regularly and replaced if in doubt in order to maintain the precision of your workpieces. We manufacture suitable replacements precisely to your specifications from high-quality, durable materials.

Your experience advantage

TORLOPP GmbH - Spezialist für Drehteile aus Sonderwerkstoffen

Our expertise, your advantage

Do you have any questions? We provide competent and comprehensive advice. Take us at our word:

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Measurement technology advice: +49 (0)48 21 – 89 79-79

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