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Sonderschraube gefertigt aus dem Werkstoff Titan

Light and strong

Screws in all threads and head shapes

Titanium screws combine extreme properties: high tensile strength, high corrosion resistance, low weight. Accordingly, our titanium screws are primarily used in sectors where lightweight construction and/or maximum durability are required: aircraft construction, vehicle construction, motor sports, bicycle construction, industry and medical technology.

As a specialist for turned parts and milled parts made of titanium and an experienced German screw manufacturer, we are your ideal partner for screws made of titanium of the highest quality: Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Are you in a particular hurry? We maintain an extensive stock of finished parts such as screws, nuts and washers in titanium for immediate delivery!

Titanium as a material

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The strong yet lightweight material titanium

Titanium is a material that is becoming increasingly popular in the manufacture of screws. The reasons for this lie in the many advantages that titanium screws have over conventional screws made of steel or other metals. Titanium screws are stronger and more durable than other screws and are particularly suitable for applications where higher strength and performance is required.

Despite its high strength, titanium is lighter than steel. Titanium screws are therefore ideal for applications where low weight is of great importance, for example in aviation or motorsport. Titanium screws are also resistant to corrosion and do not oxidize. Titanium screws retain their strength even in damp environments or in contact with various chemicals.

Titanium is biocompatible, which means that it is not rejected by the human body. Titanium is therefore frequently used in medicine, particularly in the manufacture of implants. Titanium screws can be inserted into the bones of the human body without causing a rejection reaction.

Titanium screws are very durable. They can last for many years and retain their strength and performance. Compared to screws made of steel or other metals, titanium screws are more resistant to fatigue and can also withstand extreme temperatures.

One disadvantage of titanium screws is that they are more expensive than screws made from other materials. This is because the manufacturing process is more complex and titanium is an expensive material. However, the higher price should not be a deterrent, as the advantages of titanium screws justify their cost.

Titanium in any form

Titanium screws made from titanium Ti grade 2 material

Features of titanium screws:

  • Very high corrosion resistance (Ti Gr2)
  • Low weight
  • High tensile strength (Ti Gr5)

Head shapes:

  • Hexagon head screw or wrench screw (hexagon head)
  • Square head screw
  • Hexagon socket screw
  • Cheese head screw (cylinder head)
  • Countersunk screw (countersunk head)
  • Countersunk head screw (countersunk head or countersunk round head)
  • Round-head screw (round head)
  • Stud bolt

Titanium screws made to measure

We manufacture standard screws, abnormal screws, special screws made of titanium to your exact requirements. All we need are your drawings, samples, specifications or design data.

Titanium materials as required

We manufacture screws in these titanium materials, among others:

  • 3.7025 Ti 99.8 Titanium size 1
  • 3.7035 Ti 99.7 Titanium size 2
  • 3.7035Pd Ti 99.7 + Pd Titanium Gr. 2 (+ Pd)
  • 3.7055 Ti 99.6 Titanium size 3
  • 3.7165 TiAI6V4 Titanium size 5

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