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Screws made from special materials

Special screws are fasteners that are used to solve very specific fastening tasks and are usually manufactured individually for customers as drawing parts.

They differ from standard screws in terms of head shape or thread form, and special materials are often used.

Special screws can be produced from material blanks or by machining standard screws. For example, screw heads are reshaped or shortened or screws are brought to a specific length. Threads can also be supplemented or modified, for example in diameter, by partially removing them (thin shank screws) or by adding a second thread. Thread ends can be shaped as studs, points, lens crests or shoulder crests

Screws without heads such as threaded bolts, double threaded bolts or stud bolts are also classed as special screws.

Examples of special screws

  • Fitting screws
  • Screw plugs
  • Flat head screws
  • Wing screws
  • Knurled screws
  • Bell screws
  • Hanger bolts
  • Stud bolt
  • Bolt
  • Safety screws
  • Hexagon head screws
  • Square head screws
  • Triangular screws
  • Lobe screws
  • Elevator bucket bolts
  • Self-drilling screws
  • Cup head screws with partial thread
  • Pentalob screws

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