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A standard thread is a so-called metric ISO thread in accordance with DIN 13. It is also known as a standard thread or pointed thread.

This is a standardized thread that is used worldwide and is particularly widespread in Europe. Its flank angle (it measures the angle between the two wedge-shaped converging thread flanks of a thread) is 60°.

The dimensions of a standard thread are always specified in metric.

The pitch (the distance between two threads) of standard threads is fixed and depends on the respective diameter of a screw or nut. For example, an M5 screw has a diameter of 5 mm and a pitch of 0.8 mm. An M10 screw has a diameter of 10 mm and a pitch of 1.5 mm.

Incidentally, special screws also have a standard thread in many cases.

Compared to standard threads, fine threads have a smaller pitch, which is advantageous for certain applications. Fine threads can be recognized by the fact that a value for the pitch is appended to the dimension designation. Example: M5 x 0.5

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