Gauges that provide reliability.

We manufacture and supply thread gauges for the testing of threads as well as limit plug gauges for the inspection of bores. Gauges and plug gauges are manufactured pursuant to standards or your individual dimensions and shapes. Also, special gauges, snap gauges and setting rings are part of our program and effectively support your quality assurance.

Smooth gauges

– Inclusion plug gauges

– Exclusion plug gauges

– Limit plug gauges

– Inclusion snap gauges

– Exclusion snap gauges

– Limit snap gauges

– Setting rings

Thread gauges

– Thread- inclusion plug gauges

– Thread- exclusion plug gauges

– Thread- limit plug gauges

– Thread- inclusion gauge rings

– Thread- exclusion setting rings

Special gauges

– For automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering

Thread types

– Metric threads from M2 to M250

– Inch threads pursuant to ISO, American and British standards

– Coarse-pitch – and fine pitch threads

– Trapezoidal, round and special threads


No pitch is too difficult for us!


Our Know-how is your advantage.

Do you have questions? We consult you competently and comprehensively. Take our word for it: Consulting industrial engineering: +49 48 21 – 89 79-0 Consulting metrology: +49 48 21 – 89 79-79 You can gladly also send us an e-mail – – or use the contact form.