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Screws made from special materials

Screws play an important role in design and production. They are used to secure objects in a variety of applications, from simple wood and metal structures to complex machinery and vehicles. The DIN and ISO standards are important standards for screws and other fasteners used throughout the industry.

The DIN (German Industrial Standard) comprises a series of standards for industrial and technical standards in Germany. DIN was first introduced in 1917 and has since become one of the best-known standardization organizations in the world. The DIN standards cover a wide range of products and services, including screws and fasteners. The DIN standards for screws contain information on sizes, threads, strength classes and other features that are important for the use of screws in various applications.

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an organization that defines standards for various industries worldwide. The ISO standards are binding in many countries and provide a uniform standard for products and services around the world. The ISO standards for screws are similar to the DIN standards and contain information on sizes, threads, strength classes and other characteristics.

In practice, DIN and ISO standards are often used together. For example, a screw can be described as “DIN ISO 4762 M8x25”. This designation indicates that the screw complies with DIN and ISO standards and has a metric M8x25 thread size. The strength class of the screw is indicated by a combination of numbers such as “8.8” or “10.9”, with higher numbers indicating higher strength. Alternatively, the desired material can also be specified.

By using DIN and ISO standards, manufacturers and users can ensure that their screws and fasteners meet the necessary requirements. Compliance with these standards improves the quality and safety of products and avoids unnecessary costs due to incorrect production and installation.

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